Hi, I’m Gina. It’s so nice to virtually meet you!

As a busy wife and mother of two sweet girls, I am the first to admit that life is hectic. Like you, I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle that includes lots of plant-based foods but sometimes life just seems to get in the way.

I have always lived a very active lifestyle starting with gymnastics as a child, school sports and Kenpo Karate through my teens (yup, black belt!) and running most of my life. These days I am a lover of yoga (practiced in my living room) and outdoor hiking/walking/stair climbing or the elliptical in the basement – for those cold, damp Newfoundland and Labrador winter days!

It’s my mission to help you realize that you do, in fact, have control over your health, happiness and wellbeing. I am a firm believer that the more fruit and veggies we eat, while reducing toxins in our homes and our bodies, the more likely we are to prevent, and even reverse, disease.

Although you don’t have to be vegetarian to work with me, I should warn you that I do love my greens. My #1 goal is to help you realize the powerful impact that adding more plants and vegetables into your day-to-day routine can have.

Growing up I ate whatever I pleased with very little concern as to how it was affecting my body. I ate sugar cereals for breakfast, bagels and muffins for snacks and lunch and traditional suppers, most often followed by a healthy serving of ice cream with bananas and chocolate syrup.

It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I had my first wake up call when I found a lump in my breast. It turned out to be benign but that experience catapulted me down the path of learning about illness prevention (as a researcher/evaluator this was right up my ally).

Knowledge is power.

I set out to make it a priority to clean up my eating and ensure that veggies, especially greens, were the shining stars of my diet. The changes that occurred were noteworthy.

  • Adult cystic acne disappeared (at 40-something years old I am finally getting compliments on my skin!),
  • digestive issues vanished and
  • I could get through my workday without sugar cravings and caffeine to keep me going.

I also used to get sick often, catching every virus that was circulating. Air travel and a few days of meetings out of town almost guaranteed a week in bed post meeting. Not anymore.

A later discovery came along with an introduction to essential oils. Plant-based nutrition meets plant-based medicine: a match made in heaven!!

After following information about essential oils online for some time I decided to order my first kit and there was no turning back. The applications for essential oils in day-to-day living complement my dedication to plant-based nutrition.

I am amazed how essential oils have contributed to the health of me and my family and I am only too happy to share how they can help you too.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I will never give up chocolate so I don’t expect you to either! I am; however, always in search of more healthful, plant-based ways to enjoy it.
  • I lived in Belgium for a year as an exchange student and lived with an amazing family. My Dutch was fluent at the time but not so sure now! Someone want to try me?
  • I am a cat lover – my girls named ours Sugar Plum Fairy:) No offense dogs are cool too! I had one for 12 years named Ben – best dog ever:)