Vision & Promise

My vision is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to support your body's health through and beyond cancer. I am committed to providing care that respects your individual needs and enhances your ability to thrive. My promise is to guide you towards making informed decisions, leveraging natural and effective modalities that align with orthomolecular principles.



Hello! I’m Gina, a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner and Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner. My career is deeply rooted in a personal journey through holistic health and healing, driven by my own cancer scare years ago. With a rich background in science, psychology and applied research, as well as professional experiences in pharmaceuticals and mental health and addictions, I have transitioned to focus on cancer prevention and healing through holistic nutrition, lifestyle, and the power of natural remedies. Outside of my professional life, I am a busy mama of two grown girls, partner to Chris, and we share our home with our beloved Bengal cat, Sugar, and a spirited Cairn Terrier named Chester.

What I Do

I specialize in supporting individuals who are navigating the challenging landscape of cancer, whether they wish to prevent cancer, are preparing for treatment, currently in treatment, or in recovery. My approach integrates orthomolecular health practices to optimize your body's natural healing abilities and improve your overall well-being.

My Approach

Combining my extensive research background and specialized training with personal experiences, I offer individualized support that focuses on the importance of superior nutrition, holistic lifestyle, and the strategic use of supplements to address nutritional deficiencies and enhance the body's ability to heal and thrive through cancer.

What Is

Orthomolecular Nutrition?

Orthomolecular Nutrition is a form of therapy that focuses on optimizing health by ensuring the body receives the correct quantities of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other vital nutrients at the molecular level. The core principle of this practice is that diseases and their symptoms can often be traced back to biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. By correcting these imbalances through tailored nutritional protocols, orthomolecular nutrition aims to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain optimal health. This approach ensures that each individual’s nutritional needs are met based on their unique health challenges and life circumstances.

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